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Our goal is a pilot program of designated nude areas in a few Washington state parks. If these nude areas are without problems, as we believe they will be, we’d like to see nude areas in every Washington state park. National Geographic says 80% of Americans support nude beaches and that over 25% of Americans have even skinny-dipped themselves.

Thanks for visiting, by the way. My name’s Andrew! I’m running NudeParksWA to change the backwards, incorrect, and unhealthy law making nudity illegal in state parks.

In Washington, you can be fined $48 and trespassed for 1 year, just for being nude in a state park. As a person who loves nude recreation, like picnicking, sunbathing, or hiking, I’d love to see clothing be optional in our parks. Many of my friends also love nude hiking, swimming, and picnicking. Nudism is a natural, healthy, and wholesome way of life for millions of Americans.

I want people to write to their legislators, donate to the organization, and talk with friends about why clothing-optional state parks are a good idea!

Why are nude parks a good idea? Look at Sweden. Swedish culture teaches that bodies are natural and are various shapes, sizes, and colors. With the rise of digital media in adolescent lives, our children need healthy messages about their bodies. Nude parks can do that. Children seeing other people nude teaches that, even though their body is a little different, there’s nothing wrong with their body. Children living in clothing-optional cultures actually report better self-image and fewer issues with body image.

Nude parks also drive visitors to Washington parks who otherwise wouldn’t visit. In this economy, our state needs every dollar it can get. Even from nudists. If our state can sell more Discover Passes, to increase the quality of our parks, and protect our environment, why wouldn’t we want to encourage that?

If nothing else, American values should be upheld. Being nude is a statement. Making it illegal to be nude in a state park violates freedom of speech. That’s one of the most fundamental American values. Nudists, like myself, just want to be able to speak freely in a country they love.

We’re not saying sex should be legal in parks. That’s for the bedroom. We just want to lose some clothes for a day.

Here at NudeParksWA, we just want our parks to be clothing-optional. That’s it.

We need you to support us in that, though.